January's Birthstone - Garnet - Comes in a Rainbow of Colors

Your choices for the magnificent January birthstone provide a wide range of colors for all tastes.

Garnets in all colors.

Garnets in all colors.

From the smoldering splendor of the reddish brown Mozambique garnet to vibrant greens and a fresh raspberry hue of Rhodolite garnets, this gemstone can lift your spirits and create excitement.

Egyptians, Romans, and clergy from the Middle Ages have all valued this remarkable gemstone. Garnet was once believed to have healing properties for blood disorders and have the power to ward off evil. Today it is mined mainly in Africa, Sri Lanka, and India.

The different garnets are the Mozambique garnet which have hints of orange an brown, Rhodolite garnet which has the luxurious color of raspberry red, Spessartite which is a vibrant orange and the Tsavorite garnet has a gorgeous lime green hue.

Here are some examples of Garnet jewelry we have created and purchased from estates.

If you are thinking of a January birthday gift or just wanting a gorgeous piece of jewelry, a vibrant garnet from Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler should be in your future.