New Year's Resolution - Clean and Check Your Jewelry

We all set New Year's resolutions to make our life easier. In 2015 we want to remind you to get your jewelry cleaned and checked on a regular basis.

Stopping in for regular clean and checks is the best way to keep your jewelry brilliant and fiery. It is also the best way to make sure all the prongs are in tact to be sure you don't lose your cherished gemstones. The wear and tear on jewelry happens at a very slow pace, so most people who aren't trained to notice this are shocked to one day look down and see a gemstone is gone.

A simple clean and check can detect wear and tear and we can recommend a solution that will give you continue enjoyment of your jewelry for years to come. Using our state of the art equipment we will check your jewelry thoroughly.

For all jewelry purchased from Richard Dolgin, simple clean and checks are free of charge. For jewelry not purchased from us, we charge a nominal fee.

Make this a New Year's resolution, stop by to get your jewelry cleaned and checked.