Heirloom Pocket Watches

The sentimental value of heirloom time pieces and the value of keeping the past alive can't be overstated. 

One of my passions is the restoration of antique pocket watches. I have had the opportunity to work a variety of time pieces through the years. Pocket watches are a piece of history and if possible should be restored to working condition. 

Because there are fewer and fewer pocket watches maintained in working order it can be difficult to locate replacement parts and movements. So if you have an heirloom piece regular maintenance is critical. We can help you bring your watch back to good running order.

Here are just a few of the pocket watches we have had the pleasure of helping to maintain.

I am good friends with a third generation watchmaker that we are lucky to have in the Kansas City area. He is a true genius and has the intricate expertise to work on the most complicated and fine timepieces. Because of my association with this gentleman we offer watch repair at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler. We are able to assist you in the repair of manually wound watches, chronographs, antique wrist watches, and pocket watches.

Don't let that family heirloom sit rusting in a drawer. Get it cleaned, oiled, and adjusted to good running order to keep a piece of history intact. Stop in to Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler to discuss your family treasure.