May Birthstone - Emerald

If you are lucky enough to be born in May you have emerald as your birthstone. The green of emerald represents life in Springtime. Throughout history this gemstone has been associated with the goddess Venus. 

The lush green color is produced only under extreme conditions and therefore some inclusions in the gemstone are always acceptable. Care should be taken when wearing emeralds, keeping them away from exposure to heat, chemicals, and harsh blows. Emeralds are found in Afghanistan, Brazil, Columbia, India, Zambia, Russia and Pakistan.

Here are some interesting facts about emeralds from the Gemological Institute of America. 

  • The oldest emerald is 2.97 billion years old from South Africa.
  • Cleopatra is known to have had a passion for emeralds.
  • The most expensive emerald on record was from Elizabeth Taylor's emerald pendant, sold in 2011 for $6,578,500.

Below is a great image of a rough emerald.

rough emerald.jpg

We have done many custom projects using emeralds. It is one of our favorite gemstones and has an alluring green color like no other. Here are some of our emerald projects.

Bring some luck and health to your loved ones with the beautiful May gemstone.  We may have or can find you the emerald of your dreams at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler.