Unique Coin Jewelry

One of our passions is obtaining ancient coins and turning them into magical pieces of jewelry.

This year we have decided to do a limited number of unique and one and only jewelry pieces made from ancient Greek, Roman, European, and early American coins. Part of the fun task of developing these pieces of jewelry is going out and fining absolutely authentic coins that pique my interest.  Each coin develops its own personality, which then adds to the development of the unique piece of jewelry it will be set within. I am presently on a quest to find a number of these interesting coins so that we can develop these custom made pieces.

Here are some examples of some coins that we recently obtained.

Recently a client told me about a favorite series in the coin collecting world - Latvian Niues. There is a series of 5 coins produces by the Bank of Latvia that incorporate a piece of amber into the coin itself. I am embarking on a new adventure to create a series of pendants with each coin from this collection. I have recently purchased the Amber Route Niue and am actively searching for other coins from the collection. 

If you have ideas for coin jewelry and would like to stop in and participate in our design of some coin jewelry, stop in to Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler to view our progress on this wonderful project.