Reconstructing a beloved ring

Many times our reputation for doing quality jewelry repair leads us to projects that are one of a kind.

A client found our store using Google Search for "Jewelry Repair". His wife had a ring that was given to her by  her father years ago. Somehow it fell off her finger and was run over by a car. This ring was smashed flat when we saw it for the first time. 

Only with the experience of a Master Jeweler that enjoys a challenge would we have attempted this project. We started this project by completely taking the ring apart and then re-bending the individual parts to their original shape. After the ring was reshaped, the shank was re-welded to the under bezel and we made four new prongs to hold the center stone. Marsha then set the center stone and polished and rhodium plated the ring.

I personally want to compliment Marsha, as there are not many jewelers who could have accomplished this intricate repair. I actually told the client that the ring was too far gone to be saved. Without Marsha's expertise, this project would not have been accomplished. 

At Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler, we will attempt the impossible to restore jewelry to its original beauty.