Buying Your Engagement Ring and Diamond With Confidence

Buying an engagement ring can be stressful and confusing. I have been selling rings for over 40 years and put together a few tips. You can browse my inventory for ideas and contact me for more information.

1. Establish a Realistic Budget - You will be presented with many options when looking for a ring and center stone. If you have a budget to work within, it will help you focus on the best type of diamond you can purchase for your given budget.

2. Learn about Engagement Rings - Buying a ring is complex. You need to know your budget and preferences. Researching rings is an important step to determining exactly what you or your special someone wants. There are few sources I would suggest. For rings, look different styles and try them on. Use my pages on basics of rings to determine what you want. Most engagement rings have a diamond in the center. You can learn about diamonds here in particular the four C's, which stands for - Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat weight. Similarly, if you chose a diamond or other precious gemstone, you will want to learn about independent certifications such as GIAEGL and AGS.

All rings in the gallery below were made at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler

3.  Be Patient in Your Search - Buying a diamond is a big investment and will have value to you and your significant other for years (and hopefully decades) to come. You should expect to invest some time in finding what is ring. Often times, what you see in stores may not be right.  

4.  Be Critical - Be prepared to scrutinize each ring and diamond or gemstone you look at. Use a jeweler’s loupe (which lets you see the diamond under magnification) and even look at it under fluorescent as well as natural light. Examine the craftsmanship of the ring. Make sure the ring is constructed solidly.

5.  Find the 5th C, Confidence - Find a jeweler you have confidence in. A jeweler should be able to meet with you face to face, teach you about your diamond, and be willing to answer all your questions. A good jeweler can also help you maximize the value you receive for your budget. 

6.  Complete the Purchase - You will need to know some specifics including how do I insure the ring and what size for the ring.

Using our diamond lab and state of the art studio, we can help you pick the diamond of your dreams and create the mounting of your choice. Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler is the place to make this important purchase.