Jewelry Care in the Summertime

In the summertime when you are very active, it is a good time to have your jewelry cleaned and checked.

At this time of year when you are cooking, gardening and doing other outdoor activities, your jewelry will have more exposure to the elements. Many of our clients bring jewelry in for a clean and check after many years of negligence. It is best to clean jewelry regularly to prevent the build up of gunk. In one of the worst case scenarios bacteria can grow under a ring and affect your fingers.

When you are wearing something of great value that is dear to you, it deserves some loving attention at home.  Regular home cleaning will keep your jewelry looking bright and shiny, so the compliments will abound. I sell a wonderful private label jewelry cleaner that has been formulated over the years to make cleaning easy at home.

Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler Jewelry Cleaner

Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler Jewelry Cleaner

A daily 30 second inspection of your jewelry to look for a buildup of dirt, confirm prongs, tips, and clasps are in place and working is good way to check the security and beauty of your jewelry.

You are always welcome to stop into Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler for a clean and check in our Overland Park jewelry studio and state of the art jewelry shop.