Converting a Bracelet Watch to a New Treasure

A wonderful client had a 14k yellow gold bangle bracelet with an embedded watch that she wasn't wearing any longer. The bracelet was gorgeous and she had the idea to convert into a bracelet that could be worn more often. 

She and her husband love jewelry built around unique coins which is becoming one of our specialties. This project took on a new challenge in that the watch had to be removed and parts had to be remade to accommodate a coin.

We started a search for a coin that would fit into a 13mm diameter hole and complement the style of the bracelet. We looked at an antique solid gold U.S. one dollar coin and many ancient Greek and Roman coins. My client decided on a beautiful Greek coin struck between 400 to 350 B.C. with the Gemini twin faces of Castor and Pollux. Marsha made a silver plate to mount this beautiful ancient coin into the bracelet and enhance the bezel so the coin would take very little wear. The end result was breath taking.

We love interesting projects that are far from the norm. Using our creativity, years of knowledge and state of the art equipment we can accomplish any task. Come see us at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler in Overland Park Kansas.