Expandable Ring Shanks

A solution for rings that spin on your finger because of enlarged knuckles is the Finger Mate expandable ring shank. 

The Finger Mate hinge shank opens up to two sizes larger than your ring size to allow you to easily fit your ring over an enlarged knuckle. The unique expandable design then allows you to close and lock the shank securely on your finger. This design prevents the ring from spinning.

The beauty of the Finger Mate shank is that from the back of your finger it is almost invisible, not detracting from the beauty of your ring. In recent weeks we have installed a number of the Finger Mate shanks to allow individual to fully enjoy their jewelry. 

Adjustable shanks are available for rings made of all metals and ring widths. Finger Mate also makes a special shank that open four sizes larger.

Finger Mate shanks are expertly made by true craftsman to last for years. If you would like to discuss a ring that doesn't fit properly, stop in to Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler in Overland Park Kansas for a professional solution.