Restoring Antique Watch Treasures

We have the pleasure of working with a Master Watchmaker in the Kansas City area. This association allows us to be able to restore antique time pieces to good running order. 

Many antique and heirloom watches have parts that have deteriorated or broken over time. Unfortunately there is no part depot to quickly order parts for these watches. The gentleman who does our watchmaking is a third generation watchmaker who is a true genius. He has the ability to make new parts for vintage watches. Bringing these treasures back to life takes great expertise. 

Recently a client brought in a beautiful 200 year old pocket watch that is a family heirloom to be restored. The watch was cleaned, oiled and adjusted. After a duration of daily use, one of the original brittle metal gears unfortunately shattered. We were able to hand make a replacement gear to keep this heirloom operating. Here is a picture of the broken gear.

Disassembled Cornell pocket watch. Broken gear circled in red.

Disassembled Cornell pocket watch. Broken gear circled in red.

If you have a vintage or heirloom time piece, we would love to see your antiquity and if it needs some care Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler can help you with the process.