Crafting Quality Products - A Family Tradition

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending the 2015 "Good Food Awards" in San Francisco. As a proud father, it was amazing to attend and watch my son receive the award for his crafted Shacksbury Hard Cider.

All of these amazing winners share a passion for creating the finest product in small batches going back to the practice of using local top quality ingredients and passion to produce a product that is outstanding. People are realizing the value of this approach.

I am proud to be an artisan in the jewelry industry. Our passion at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler is creating top quality custom crafted jewelry that will be around for generations to come. In our shop in Overland Park Kansas we use the most innovative technique to create a local product that will be fashionable and last for years to come. I pride myself on the personal approach I take with each client, taking all the time necessary to discover your needs and find the solutions.

I am proud of my son and the work he is doing to create the finest gourmet cider. I hope I had a place in teaching him to craft an award winning high quality product. It is great to see the family tradition of high quality crafted products continue. 

Congratulations Shacksbury Cider!