Enchanting Purple Amethyst for February

Amethyst makes a great fashion statement, whether you were born in February or if you  just have a passion for purple.

Amethyst has many many positive qualities. The February birthstone, from lilac to plum, the drama of the color purple is captured in the amethyst gem. The gem is reasonably priced, durable, a beautiful color, and provides great quality for the cost. This gem has a history of use in royal jewelry from the Middle Ages and was associated with the Greek God Dionysus. Leonardo Da Vinci even wrote that amethyst quickens intelligence and rids the wearer of evil thoughts. 

 Rough Amethyst

Rough Amethyst

The gem is used to celebrate February birthdays and many wedding anniversaries. Amethyst is mined in South America and Africa. Consumers find the color and available sizes of amethyst perfect for accessories.

Here are examples of some of our recently crafted and sold amethyst jewelry.

If purple is your favorite color or you have a February birthday, consider a gorgeous amethyst piece of jewelry for your jewelry wardrobe. Available at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler.