Your Local Source For Large Diamonds

If you are considering the purchase of a large diamond, working face to face with an individual that is passionate about diamonds, and very aware of competitive prices, should be your choice.

With my years of experience and knowledge of wonderful first tier sources. Additionally I have been able to purchase many local diamonds from individuals and estates. Having these diamonds readily available, I am able to cut out the overhead costs that are often passed on to you by retailers. My family has dealt with my main source of diamonds for over 60 years. This relationship allows me to buy at a very competitive level, which allows me to even compete with the large internet diamond firms.

In my state of the art diamond lab, I can actually show you the difference between the colors of diamonds, clarity, and the cut so you can make an informed decision about your purchase. I have the ability to bring in multiple diamonds so you can actually see the comparison of qualities. So many of my clients walk into a retail store and make an impulse purchase for a diamond only later to find they have not purchased the highest quality diamond for their money. 

Here are some examples of larger diamonds we have recently sold.

If you are in the market for a large diamond, I would be honored to assist you with your purchase of the diamond of your dreams.