Start Off The New Year Getting Your Jewelry Cleaned and Checked

It is such a simple process to stop in and let us check your jewelry to make sure all your precious gemstones are intact. 

Some people put off the simple jewelry clean and check, which ends up costing them the big bucks for jewelry repairs and stone replacements that could have been prevented with routine maintenance.  

When you stop in to Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler we will do a professional clean and check using our state of the art equipment. It is much more efficient and cost effective to keep up with prongs that are wearing, shanks that are disappearing, or worn parts before there is a major loss.

People don't realize over long periods of time, how dirty and dull their jewelry can get. The normal reaction after we do a professional cleaning is WOW ! Stop in to Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler in Overland Park Kansas to get your jewelry professionally cleaned and checked.