Signet Ring Project

A client pursued the custom talents of Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler to make a series of signet rings because of our reputation for fine custom jewelry done in a timely fashion. 

Signet rings date back to ancient Egypt, when worn by dignitaries who needed to provide a personal seal on documents and packages. Think of the movies you have seen where a king places a pool of wax on a document and presses a metal stamp or ring to make a unique impression. In modern times signet rings are used to celebrate membership in a special group.

My client needed to have a number of gold signet rings made very quickly for an award ceremony for his company. The project had to be completed in ten days to be ready for the award ceremony. I actually wan't sure if this was possible, but we took on the project, using all of our abilities and working overtime to complete the project accurately and in time.

A unique aspect of the ring design is that each ring was individualized for the award winner. The design included the company crest and paisley pattern with a helmet.  This meant that thirteen different models needed to be made, cast, diamond set, polished, and finished. We dove into this project and did what it took to achieve an end result that we are very proud of.

If you have a unique idea for award jewelry or an individual custom signet ring, contact us at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler in Overland Park Kansas.