Jewelry From Generation to Generation

The essence of jewelry is taking from the past and turning it into the future.

One of our favorite things is taking jewelry from the past and turning it into modern wearable custom jewelry to be worn by future generations. A young lady inherited a wedding set from her grandmother and had us work to refurbish the entire set.  The ring needed cleaning, new prongs and polishing to get it ready for everyday wear. 

During the process of refurbishing this family heirloom we also discussed that she also had a bracelet and ring in a safety deposit box that were not being worn. She felt it would be a really fun adventure to bring her mother in to our jewelry studio and take the diamonds out of the unworn bracelet and  ring and create jewelry her mother could wear on a daily basis.

 Designing new jewelry from old

Designing new jewelry from old

We removed the diamonds from the bracelet and ring and started the design process. The client wanted the pieces to have a vintage style. Marsha created some wonderful designs in 14k white gold for a pendant, ring, and earrings.  The diamonds from the old treasures were old European cuts of various depths and diameters. This made Marsha's design work a real challenge. The pendant design required hand wrought filigree wire surrounding the handmade diamond plate.

Below are pictures of the finished earrings, pendant and ring.

From one generation to the next, we would be glad to help create brand new daily wearable jewelry for you.