Does Putting Your Ring on Cause Pain?

Do you have problems taking your ring off and on? If so, an arthritic shank should be in your future.

What is an arthritic shank? There are many different types and manufacturers of shanks that open to a larger size and close on your finger so the ring is easier to put on and take off. These  adjustable shanks also keep the ring from turning once the ring is on your finger. The brand of shank that we have picked as being the absolute best is manufactured by FingerMate

 Finger Mate adjustable shank in action.

Finger Mate adjustable shank in action.

To install a Finger Mate shank, all of the original stones in your ring are kept totally in tact. The back of the ring is cut off and the hinged mechanism is installed. We do give credit for the metal that is cut off from your ring to install the adjustable shank.

Finger Mate shanks are the finest made in the industry. Because of their high quality and engineering technology they are a bit pricey and may not be the solution for every type of ring.

Here are some pictures of a recently installed Finger Mate shank.

Don't fight your ring on a daily basis and end up with a bruised or scarred knuckle, contact us at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler for a Finger Mate solution.