Selling A Diamond Doesn't Have To Be Difficult

When you find yourself with a diamond you want to sell, perhaps from an estate, inheritance, or broken engagement come to Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler.

We will use our professional experience and tools to evaluate your diamond to get you the very best price possible.  I am always looking for larger center stones and will pay a premium for high quality diamonds. If your stone has been evaluated by a gem lab be sure to bring in the diamond report as this will add to the price we can pay.

The first thing people ask when they call is "How do you sell a diamond?" We keep the process as simple and fair as possible. First you bring in the diamond for evaluation. During evaluation we determine the 4Cs - cut, clarity, color and carat weight. Once the value has been established and a price agreed upon the diamond is removed from its setting and weighed and checked one more time. If everything is correct, we write you a check. It is that simple. 

Our goal at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler is to get you and optimum price for that unwanted diamond and keep the process as simple as possible. Call for an appointment so that we can give our undivided attention.