A piece of Jade jewelry should be in your future.

We have been lucky enough to purchase a few pieces of exquisite jade jewelry. 

Jade is a wonderful and durable gemstone that has been valued for over 5,000 years. Many cultures have shaped this material into tools, sculptures and jewelry. The term  jade is used to collectively refer to two types of metamorphic rocks - jadeite and nephrite. Jadeite is the slightly harder, more rare and expensive material. Jadeite has more color variations and is often streaked or mottled in appearance.Nephrite is a more common material, less expensive, and the color tends to be a bit more muted than Jadeite. You must be very careful when buying jade as there are many treatments that are used to enhance appearance but actually reduce the value of a stone.

We have three wonderful jade pieces in our current collection. This jade pendant purchased in Asia during WW2 is beautifully carved with the image of a Quan Yin surrounded by the plumage of a peacock, doves and other intricate images.

This jade necklace is composed of 45 icy green jade beads on a strand 21 inches long.


This piece is composed of a beautifully carved piece of jade hanging from a 14k gold filigree necklace.

If you would like to add a special jade piece of jewelry to your collection or buy an exquisite gift, stop in and see me at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler.