Grand Custom Jewelry Project - Bringing The Past Into The Future

We have been working with a most delightful client to create a grand collection of custom jewelry over the past few months.

Months ago we made a gorgeous engagement ring using some family heirloom diamonds and the young couple was so impressed they recommended us to another family member for a custom project. This current project involves taking wonderful family treasures and creating up to date jewelry for the future and to wear to her daughters wedding. 

Our client brought us five rings that included her grandmother's ring, mother's ring and her engagement ring. She wanted to take the stones from these rings to create many new pieces of jewelry.

 Client's rings for custom project

Client's rings for custom project

After meeting with our client and her husband, we determined the scope of the project and what type of jewelry our client was looking for to wear on a daily basis. We broke out all the stones and gauged and graded them so we could do some accurate design work. Marsha drew some thumbnail sketches and laid the gemstones out so our client would have a good idea as to what the finished rings and pendant would look like.

As the design process evolved our client decided to purchase a beautiful round center diamond for her wedding ring and also have the tanzanite re-cut for a future project.

This first phase resulted in a beautiful pendant and two rings which we finished in time for her daughter's wedding celebration.

We love getting involved in these very personal projects. Combining generations of gemstones into new wearable jewelry is very fulfilling. These treasures will be cherished for generations to come.

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