Jewelry Repair Facts

Two important techniques used in our jewelry shop are soldering and welding.

We often use soldering in our jewelry shop when we want fill in an area of a jewelry piece such as a gap in a bracelet or crack in a ring. Soldering involves the use of a torch to heat the solder material, which is an alloy designed to melt at lower temperatures than the metal being repaired. When soldering there is often a visible seam left in the area of the repair.

 Soldering in the jewelry shop at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler

Soldering in the jewelry shop at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler


Laser welding uses light energy to fuse metal to itself at a molecular level. Therefore the same metal that is being repaired is used to weld the parts together leaving a seamless repair.  Having the new technology such as laser welding is essential to have a quality jewelry shop. Repairs on very small and detailed designs such as micro pave are best achieved with the laser welding technology. Another benefit of the laser welder is the ability to work on pieces that should not be exposed to the high heat that is used when soldering.

Here is a video from LaserStar of laser welding in action during the repair of a white gold prong on a ring.

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