October Birthstones Opal and Tourmaline

If your birthday is in October, you have a wonderful choice of birthstones to pick from - Opal and Tourmaline.

Both gems have an amazing variety in appearance. Opals, which are mined predominantly in Australia provide a kaleidoscope of color. Tourmaline, can be found around the world but is predominantly mined in Brazil and Africa. 

The varieties of opal include black, white, fire, boulder and crystal.  These varieties present colors ranging from a translucent white to rich firework appearance with a spectrum of colors. Opal is one of my favorite gemstones. I have developed excellent sources over the years that supply all types of opals in many different qualities and price ranges.

Tourmaline is available in many different colors and variations. Picking the perfect tourmaline for a custom piece of jewelry can be a lot of fun as the choices are abundant. One of my favorite types of tourmaline is the watermelon tourmaline. In this stone the pink and green crystals grow together making the gemstone look like a slice of watermelon.

Whether your tastes goes toward opal or tourmaline either stone makes a wonderful October gift. Stop by Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler for your next custom project.