Services Offered At Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler

At Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler we appraise, repair, create, sell, buy, and more.

The public isn't often clear as to what we can accomplish at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler. Here is a list of our services that we offer on a daily basis.

  1. Jewelry Repair - We have an on premise state of the art jewelry shop. We can do the most intricate or complicated jewelry repair. Marsha is a master jeweler with over 40 years of experience. When we do repairs they are done right.
  2. Custom Jewelry - One of our favorite services is making you a very personal custom piece of jewelry. We can accompany you through each step of making a custom piece of jewelry. From the initial design, model making, casting, cleanup, setting and final polish. You experience each aspect of the journey ending up with a one and only heirloom piece of jewelry.
  3. Appraisal - We do professional appraisals for insurance and keep copies on file for future updates. When you bring in your jewelry to be appraised it is cleaned and checked, photographed, and a detailed written report is completed for you insurance company.
  4. Selling Jewelry - We have a wonderful selection of rings, pendants, bracelets, and earrings in stock to purchase for that special occasion. Many of our pieces are pieces of art created in our state of the art jewelry shop. We are very lucky to carry some wonderful estate and antique pieces that will thrill you.
  5. Selling Diamonds - We have a quality inventory of loose diamonds in various sizes, shapes, and qualities. We work with you in our diamond laboratory to teach you the 4Cs and make you knowledgeable about your diamond purchase.
  6. Buying Your Jewelry - On a daily basis we buy diamonds, gold and platinum. Unwanted treasures can be turned into cash. We are very fair in our assessment of your treasures and will pay top dollar. If you have jewelry to sell it is best to call for an appointment.
  7. Clean and Check - Cleaning and checking your jewelry is the best insurance policy to protect your valuable treasures. Clean and checks on any jewelry purchased at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler are free. If your jewelry was not purchased from me, we charge a nominal fee to inspect, clean and polish. Jewelry clean and checks should be done at least once a year.
  8. Estate - If you have family heirlooms that you want to sell or evaluate, we can help you determine value and may be interested in purchasing items. We are an excellent resource to help you in what is sometimes a confusing process.