We Sell Diamonds

I am very proud of our diamond inventory accumulated over the years. Each diamond in our inventory has been carefully selected to satisfy our customer's many desires.

Each diamond I have picked to fill our inventory is there for a reason. Some diamonds are there because they are an excellent example of top quality cut, color and clarity. I choose other diamonds for their large carat weight and  beautiful face up appearance even if that diamond has some issues with color or clarity. We have all shapes from round, pear shaped, oval, princess cut, and marquise. I feel it is important to have variety in my diamond inventory so that I can give you many options for your diamond purchase. This allows me to teach you about the 4Cs and how they compare from stone to stone.

In our state of the art diamond lab we can sit and view the difference between a 0.50 carat diamond and a 1.00 carat diamond. I can also point out the variation in clarity and color that could make  two different diamonds the same price.  In my diamond lab these difference become very evident. The experience I provide will give you confidence in your purchase. Most diamonds I sell come with a diamond report from a third party such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or European Gemological Laboratory USA (EGLUSA). 

Here are some diamond reports for some diamonds I currently have in my inventory. If you visit my website, we have many other diamonds listed.


When you spend the amount of money that it takes to buy a quality diamond, getting the proper education to know if you are getting the best value for your money is very important! So many people stop in for me to evaluate purchases they have made in the past and literally have no idea what they have. This astounds me in many ways. When people buy a house or car they do week so research to determine what fits their budget. The same should hold true when buying your diamond.

Whether you are looking for a diamond for your first engagement or an upgrade diamond for that 25th wedding anniversary we can be of assistance at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler in Overland Park Kansas.