Wear and Tear On Your Jewelry

Have you looked at your jewelry closely lately? If  you have had your ring for eight years or longer there's a good chance prongs, tips, or channels could be worn to a point where you could lose that valuable center stone.

Many people are stopping in for a basic clean and check and I find that there is critical wear and tear to their ring. Most people have no clue that they are about to lose stones from their ring. If you notice that your tips on the top of your stones are flat or catching on clothing this is an indication that it is time for a repair. Like tires on a car that are supposed to last for 50,000 miles and you've driven them for over 75,000 miles you could have a blowout. This also applies to your jewelry. All metals wear over time. Clean and checks take just a matter of minutes. They can save you a considerable amount of money if wear is detected and a repair is done.

Don't wait for a blowout to occur, have your jewelry checked on a regular basis at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler.