3 Weeks Until Christmas - Beautiful Bracelets

Time is moving quickly. If you would like one of our custom made bracelets for a special holiday gift, it is definitely time to stop in and pick it out.

We have a beautiful assortment of bracelets to pick from for that perfect holiday gift. These are bracelets that have personality. They are pieces of art that would make a timeless gift that would get many compliments. Some of our bracelets are antiques that come from estates. Others are custom crafted pieces of art created in our jewelry studio at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler. Some are beautiful diamond bracelets that we have also created in our shop. Our bracelet selection covers all price ranges. From $50 to many thousands of dollars, you can pick within the budget of your choice. 

We have bracelets that make a wonderful fashion statement to be worn with a special outfits. We also have many that can become a daily part of your wardrobe. Our diamond bracelets vary in price and quality to fit any budget.

Beautiful 8.00 carat rose gold diamond bracelet

Beautiful 8.00 carat rose gold diamond bracelet

Over the years we have grown our custom bracelet collection to include a beautiful variety of styles including Mokume Gane, fan coral design, cactus design, coins and gemstones. Our goal is to create a new bracelet design each year and include it in our collection. Other than our estate collection, these bracelets are made in our studio and are unique to Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler.

Starting in December we are in the office 6 days a week to assist you with your jewelry shopping. Monday through Friday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. If you are travelling or cannot make it during these hours please contact me and we can set up an appointment to meet at your convenience. 

With three weeks until Christmas it is time to get out and find a special holiday gift for your loved one. A bracelet from Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler is a wonderful choice. At Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler it is easy to shop with our free parking and gift wrapping. We will be happy to hold your gift in our vault so you can pick it up before the holidays.

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