Affordable 2.00 Carat Diamonds

I hate to use the word 'cheap', but that is just what these 2.00 carat diamonds are.

 We have a bountiful collection of beautiful 2.00 carat diamonds. If you are in the market for a stone of this size, please give me a call and stop by to see these affordable beauties. Some of these diamonds are from estates that I have purchased and others are from my reliable lifetime sources. Each of the diamonds are certified. When buying a diamond at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler I will be happy to teach you about the 4Cs in my state of the art diamond lab. Purchasing a diamond in a diamond lab versus a showroom with intense lighting shows you the diamond in its true form. You will be able to see the difference in the cut, color, clarity and carat weight. I thoroughly enjoy teaching my clients about their diamond purchase.

So many individuals walk into a store or shop online purchasing a diamond just as you would purchase a book. A book, no matter where you purchase it, is always the same. That is not the case with a diamond. Even with certification there are different degrees of excellence and beauty with each individual stone. A piece of paper does not make a diamond great.  My father used to teach me that if you had two diamonds, graded the same way, that one may be more brilliant. You could pass this diamond around a room with ten people in it, and everyone would pick the same stone as being more scintillating. This is because each diamond has its own personality no matter how they are graded. 

We enjoy showing you the diamonds in different atmospheres and lighting because a diamond's personality can change dramatically. Seeing the difference yourself can make a purchase a lot more fun and give you the assurance that you have purchased the best diamond for your loved one.  Whether you are planning a holiday engagement or a special present, a 2.00 carat diamond would definitely create an everlasting 'jewelry moment'. 

In our Overland Park jewelry studio, we can create a custom piece of jewelry to showcase the 2.00 carat diamond you pick. It is not too late to get a custom design completed before the holidays. We have an extensive gallery saved so we can show you some of our past custom projects. If you have ideas about something you have wanted or seen we can definitely create whatever you desire. 

Stop in and see us at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler to see our collection of 'cheap' 2.00 carat diamonds. Again the word 'cheap' doesn't mean these are bad diamonds, they are just very affordable.