Inlaid Mosaic Jewelry Collection

We were lucky to meet a very talented artist that is a master at the art of Intarsia, inlaid fancy gemstone jewelry.

The artist that is making our fine inlaid gemstones learned the trade from his father. He has taken the talent of inlaying different types of gemstones into a mosaic pattern to a new level. He combines turquoise, black opal, lapis, onyx, sugilite and dinosaur bone to make the most gorgeous Intarsia pieces I have ever seen. Each stone is divided with a very small yellow gold wire giving pronounced definition to the gemstones.  We have been lucky to buy some of these gemstones so we can create beautiful jewelry to wear. 

The artist uses only the finest gemstones to accomplish this beautiful art. Each piece is totally unique and will never be duplicated. If you see something that you really like and would like to have it made with different types of gemstones,  you can contact us to see if it would be possible. Opaque gemstones lend themselves to the Intarsia method as they can be carved. Combining colors of these gemstones is a true art. 

Here are some pictures of the gemstones before we have made them into jewelry to wear.

Intarsia lends itself best to pendants and cuff links due to the way the gemstones are combined. Now that we have purchased these gorgeous pieces of art, Marsha and I have to figure out how to set them into jewelry that will highlight their beauty. We have decided that keeping the pieces simple to highlight the gorgeous Intarsia work is the best formula. We decided to use 18k yellow gold to highlight the beauty of the stones and match the wire work dividing each gemstone. Marsha uses the technique of constructing and carving wax models of the backings and bezels the gemstones sit within. 

We have finished two pieces, one of which will be featured on our Christmas postcard. We expect to have a few more pieces completed for the holidays. If you are interested in one of these one and only jewelry pieces, it is best to contact us as soon as possible. We will continue to work on finishing all the pieces but time gets limited at this time of year due to custom projects for the holidays. I will continue to feature each piece in a blog as we finish them. 

For me it is unbelievable to think that each of these gemstones came from the earth from different continents, giving us these miraculous color combinations. Mother Nature is truly wonderful. When you combine the artistry and Mother Nature's beauty, you have something that can be cherished for life. 

Stop by Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler to see this collection of fine inlaid gemstone jewelry. It is totally unique and I know you will be impressed.