6 Days Until Christmas, We Have Your Perfect Jewelry Gift

With 6 days until Christmas come and see our spectacular bracelet collection, inspired and created in our Overland Park studio.

The bracelet collection has been a lot of fun to create over the past 7 years. A client inspired us to start creating bracelets when we were presented with an inherited coin that they wanted mounted in a bracelet. The designs grew and we continued to refine each bracelet and create a new design each year.

We have had a spectacular time designing and crafting these bracelets. They are very wearable and fit with any type of outfit. All our customers who have purchased these bracelets over the years have been delighted as the bracelets seem to get more beautiful with time. 

At our Overland Park jewelry studio there is no parking hassle. We can help you find that unique item quickly and send you off with a wrapped gift in no time. Come see us at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler for you last minute Christmas shopping.