Unique Blue Zircon Antique Ring

This is truly a special piece of antique jewelry. White, yellow, rose gold and diamonds are combined to highlight a gorgeous blue zircon center gem.  

I purchased this piece at an estate and it was in a pretty gnarly condition. Marsha loved the ring and decided to make it a project to turn it into a wearable heirloom piece of jewelry. The center blue zircon was broken, the bezel holding the blue zircon was worn and the shank of the ring was all but gone.

Marsha first started by rebuilding the shank in yellow gold. The top of the ring was in good condition and just needed to be built up with the laser welder. Marsha handmade a new bezel to hold a new blue zircon. Now the challenge came into hand, finding the appropriate stone to finish this ring. I looked and looked but could not find anything that had the right color or size that would complement this gorgeous ring. Finally, after months of searching I found the appropriate stone. The round blue zircon has a gorgeous blue aqua color with faceting that is exquisite. 

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