Do you need a diamond ?

Since I reopened Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler six years ago I have been accumulating a beautiful inventory of diamonds.

Whether you are looking for a 0.25 carat or a 5.0 carat diamond, we can help you with your purchase. In our state of the art diamond lab, we will teach you about the 4 Cs - cut, color, clarity and carat weight, and the most important 5th C, confidence in your jeweler. 

Doing the proper research and homework before making this purchase will pay high dividends in the future. I meet so many people that walk into a store and purchase based on emotion rather than careful thought. At Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler we will take you through the steps of buying a precious gem and teach you the significant factors that will guarantee you a beautiful diamond.

Here is some of the equipment we use in our diamond lab to help you make this important purchase.


Diamonds are my passion. I cherish the moment that I can teach you about your purchase and help you pick the diamond that fits your budget and taste. With our knowledge and sources we provide extremely competitive pricing. 

Stop in and visit me Richard Dolgin so I can help you with this most important journey.