A Diamond is Forever - April's Birthstone

Fire, brilliance, scintillation and rarity are just a few words that describe the unique beauty and power of captivation that diamonds hold.

Diamond is the hardest gem of all, made of just one element: carbon. Diamond's are valued for their colorless nature and purity. Most diamonds are primeval - over a billion years old and formed deep within the earth.

Wouldn't the timeless gift of a diamond be perfect for an April birthday? A gemstone that will be revered forever makes the perfect centerpiece for jewelry that can be worn for a lifetime. We love taking diamonds and incorporating them into fashionable jewelry that can be worn on a daily basis. Here are some pictures of the beautiful diamond jewelry we have at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler.

If your loved one has an April birthday any type of diamond jewelry makes a wonderful gift. We would love to see you at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler to view our vast selection of diamond jewelry.