Updating Your Appraisal For Insurance

If you keep your jewelry insured it is a good idea to check to see when you last had your jewelry appraised.

With the ever changing prices of precious metals, gemstones and increased labor costs, the value of your jewelry is constantly changing. Many people I talk to have not updated their appraised jewelry values since they purchased their treasures. With values askew, if you have a loss, you may not get enough money to replace your jewelry. 

At Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler we offer appraisal services to update your old appraisal or write a new appraisal for jewelry that has never been appraised. We use the most up to date procedures to evaluate your jewelry and do a complete write up including a picture and detailed description with an accurate retail replacement value. We supply you with a printed report for your records and will be happy to send you an electronic copy to forward to your insurance company.

Many people ask if we can do an appraisal while they wait. For a number of reasons we can't do an appraisal while you wait. First of all, part of the appraisal process includes a thorough clean and check on your jewelry so we can do an accurate assessment. The assessment includes testing the metal quality, evaluating the gemstone, calculating the amount of labor required for that item. We also do a number of appraisals, so we complete them in the order they arrive. Our time-frame for completing appraisals is usually no longer than a week. 

Whether you need a new appraisal or an updated appraisal for your jewelry, call Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler for an appointment for a professional evaluation.