A Unique Engagement Diamond

Asscher cut diamonds are one of my favorite fancy shapes with a wonder and unique history.

The Asscher cut was first developed in 1902 by Joseph Asscher, and became popular in the Art-Deco movement. The Asscher cut has a royal heritage. The original cut came from a single 3,105 carat rough diamond by Joseph Asscher and Abraham Asscher, the Cullinan I diamond and the Cullinan II diamond are two of the most famous stones in the world. The pear-shaped Cullinan I, at 530.20 carats, sits atop the royal scepter in the British crown jewels, and the cushion-shaped Cullinan II (317.4 carats) lies in the British imperial state crown.

Although similar to an emerald cut, the Asscher cut’s 58 facets are larger and wide-set (three rows on the top, three rows on the bottom), and the stone is nearly octagonal in shape.

Recently I had the pleasure of selling a 2.70 carat GIA certified Asscher cut engagement diamond. The customer wanted a diamond that she could see into and see the depth of the stone. The geometry of the Asscher cut diamond turned out to be the perfect thing. 


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