Intricate Custom Ring Project

We recently completed an extremely intricate and laborious custom ring project.

A long time client recently came to me with a request to see if we could custom craft a ring based upon a design his wife had seen and fallen in love with. The ring was an interesting design consisting of three bands that interlock, like a roll on ring. I decided we would take on this project not knowing if we could actually complete the task. 

The design has 219 diamonds, 73 diamonds per band. Using CAD/CAM we calculated how to create a size 7 finished ring that was made of three bands that were each size 10 1/2. After setting all of the diamonds, Marsha had to cut each band to interlock properly and then weld them back together. This truly was one of the most complicated rings we have created. We used only the top quality, sparkling diamonds for this ring.


The finished product is spectacular and here are the comments from my client.

"My wife loved the ring and it fit perfectly!!  Thanks again for your professionalism and ability to make such a beautiful ring.  Our experiences with you have always been outstanding and we truly appreciate your commitment to us as customers. We feel we are treated as family at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler.  Thanks again!"

Now that we have mastered the design, we have plans to produce one in the future. We are thinking of making it in tri-color gold (rose, yellow, and white). 

Future ring design

Future ring design

If you have an unusual custom project, no matter how complicated, stop in to Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler.