A Long History of Selling Diamonds in the Kansas City Market


I am very proud to be part of a family that has a rich history in diamonds, going back three generations.

This past weekend I was lucky enough to have my whole family in town for my birthday. My kids were kind enough to buy me a brand new sophisticated scanner that I will probably never learn to use completely. I have used this new technology to scan some wonderful Dolgin's catalogs from the 1970s. The catalogs showcased not only jewelry but a wide range of merchandise. The catalog was distributed to our clientele who could scout what they wanted in the catalog then purchase the item either via mail order or in-person. This catalog page shows "Coronation Solitaire". Coronation was Dolgin's jewelry trademark.

1972 Catalog opening page

1972 Catalog opening page

40 years later we still sell the exact same ring. The the die struck solitaire has been our bestseller and most recommended ring for my entire life. Die struck jewelry is a very long wearing, quality product. 

Another interesting piece of history is the pricing of the diamonds in the  1970s. You will notice a nice 2.0 carat round diamond was selling for $3350. Today that same stone would be just under $20,000.  

My, how things have changed, but we are still bringing our diamond expertise to the Kansas City area at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler.