Let Me Tell You About This Custom Ring

A client came in with an idea to add a diamond and floral adornment to an existing wedding band.

A very nice lady was searching the internet for a local and experienced jeweler to customize her yellow gold wedding band. She had the band for many years and decided she wanted to add a new diamond and design elements inspired by nature, giving the ring a new natural look. She came in with a picture she had seen online and wondered how we could adapt the idea of the floral vines to her band. Her band was made of yellow gold and we thought that making the floral designs in white gold would provide a nice contrast and make the floral design stand out. Our client also decided that a 0.50 carat diamond in the center would definitely add to the entire design.

 Customer's original ring inspiration

Customer's original ring inspiration

Taking her photograph as inspiration, Marsha created some thumbnail sketches. We decided to use the CAD/CAM method to implement the model. In the CAD/CAM model we decided not to create a ring guard fitting over the top of the 4mm yellow gold band. Instead we designed the floral pieces as a permanent attachment to the band. The client decided she did not need the accent diamonds in the floral design. Once the design work was finished the client picked out a beautiful certified 0.50 carat round brilliant diamond from my diamond collection to adorn her ring. 

The client approved these CAD/CAM designs. We had the two white gold pieces cast in 15k white gold. When they arrived Marsha cleaned up the castings. She first installed the head for the beautiful 0.50 carat diamond. Then she started fitting the floral adornments to the ring. It took a lot of time and patience to fit the pieces perfectly. In the end she was able to wrap the white gold wrap around the band making the adornments look like vines engulfing the yellow gold ring. Each vine had to be individually welded to the band and each of the corners wrapped to achieve the final look. Marsha then set the center diamond in a simply four prong peg head, so the diamond looked as it it was floating above the floral designs. 

Here are many views of the final custom ring project.

Taking jewelry from the past and turning it into something special for the future is a great idea. It keeps your original keepsake intact while adding a new direction and making your jewelry exciting again.

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