A Fabulous Custom Made Engagement Ring

One of my favorite types of projects is working with client to create custom one of a kind engagement rings.

Recently a client found us by doing a Google search for custom made jewelry. He came in with a diamond his future fiance had received from her family to use as her center diamond in her engagement ring. The diamond was a gorgeous 1.50 carat marquise that was perfectly cut, a true gemstone. His girlfriend liked a very progressive and modern style, preferring the look of a wide contemporary band.

My client brought in a picture which we used as a foundation for the design. We decided to add a rose gold shadow band to enhance the wide platinum ring. The shape of the ring was going to to quite unique, having a square look with rounded corners. The head for the marquise diamond was incorporated into the wide 10 mm platinum ring. Marsha first made a silver model of the main ring so that we could get a crisp platinum casting from the model. She then carved the center head from wax to hold the marquise diamond. The shadow band wax model was also hand carved. We used two different casting houses to cast these rings. One that is the best platinum caster in the country and the other that specializes in casting gold. 

The rough castings were filed, cleaned and polished before assembly. Marsha welded the marquise head onto the platinum ring and then fitted the rose gold shadow band to the platinum band. After everything was pre-polished, Marsha did an amazing job setting the beautiful marquise diamond into the ring. The finished ring is spectacular.

The next part of this project will be making a matching wedding band using small marquise diamonds that were from the original wedding ring. This will also shadow around the platinum center ring. 

No matter what your custom engagement ring ideas may be, we can help you implement them into a one of a kind custom crafted ring. At Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler we love to take our ideas and turn them into reality. With Marsha's expertise and design skills and my knowledge of how things will fit together, we can incorporate your ideas int a spectacular piece of unique jewelry.

If you have a custom engagement ring project in mind, maybe using stones from the past, we love these kind of projects at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler.