Custom Stackable Rings

It is very fashionable to wear stackable rings. It enables you to wear different colors and shapes of rings together making a wonderful and unique fashion statement.

Last Christmas we made two platinum eternity bands to start a stackable ring collection for one of our client's wives. These custom platinum bands were spectacular, with hand engraving and beautiful diamonds encircling the finger. The next project this Spring, was a ring to go with the two matching bands using blue sapphires and diamonds in a very unique eternity band setting.

We worked with the client to come up with unique bands that fit well together and showcased the beautiful diamonds and sapphires.

 We have done a few project for clients recently who had small diamonds and small gemstones leftover from custom projects which we have taken and set in stackable rings. Once you start a stackable ring collection it is a great add on gift for the future. The sky is the limit for unique design ideas for your stackable ring collection. Here are some examples of stackable ring collections. 

Whatever your choice in metals, gemstone, width, and design, we can accommodate your desires making a gorgeous collection of stackable rings. Visit us at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler in Overland Park Kansas to start your stackable ring collection.