Selling Your Jewelry

We have been buying precious gems and metals from Kansas City area residents for many years. Assessing the value of your items is a detailed process that usually results in us making you an offer, if we have interest in your items.

It seems that many individuals that stop into my office to sell items automatically assume that they are going to walk out with cash. While I carefully examine your all gems and metal jewelry that you wish to sell, many factors go into making the decision to purchasing jewelry from the public.  When I buy your valuables I have to determine if I can resell the items in any form or scrap them for a profit. The profit margin on buying your jewelry is very minimal. Individuals do not realize the amount of work it takes to process the items purchased for resell. 

It is important for your to keep in mind that the price I can offer to purchase your items will not be the same as the retail price. This is because included in the retail price are labor, parts cost, diamond cost, finishing cost, sales tax, and profit margin for the retailer you purchased from. 

When you bring jewelry in for me to buy, we first test and assay the metal content. Then we determine if the gemstones are authentic. If the items are genuine we research the wholesale cost to determine the price we can offer. Gold jewelry is a combination of gold mixed with other metals to add strength or impact color.  Platinum is usually 90 to 100% pure, the other 10 % is usually another metal in the platinum family like iridium. Silver is usually 92.5% pure. Gold varies the most in that there is 10k, 14k, 18k, and 22k. 24 karat gold is pure gold. Here is a list that reflects the percentages of gold in jewelry. 

  •  100 % = 100 fine = 24 karat
  •  91.7 % = 917 fine = 22 karat
  •  75.0 % = 750 fine = 18 karat
  •  58.5 % = 585 fine = 14 karat
  •  41.6 % = 416 fine = 10 karat

We don't want to discourage anyone from stopping in to turn their jewelry into cash. But it is important for all customers to have a realistic view on the value of jewelry when reselling it. Most of the time we do purchase the valuables from clients who stop in and we are delighted when we know turning those items into cash helps them in their current situation. We are lucky to continue to bring a bright moment to additional clients when we can refurbish a piece of jewelry and give it a new life.

If you are interested in turning your unwanted jewelry into cash, call us at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler in Overland Park Kansas. We would be glad to speak with you to determine if we have interest in your valuables.