Appraisals at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler

Were you lucky enough to give or receive a beautiful piece of jewelry over the holidays? If you did give or receive jewelry for the holidays, be sure to get an appraisal for your valuable item should you unfortunately ever need to replace it.

Appraisals are just one of the many valuable services we provide at Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler. Appraisals are a very important part of caring for your valuable jewelry. Having a current and accurate appraisal helps ensure you have documented the value of your prized possession. As the prices of precious metals and gems changes rapidly in today’s market, appraisals are an additional tool to help you safeguard your valuables. A current appraisal will help you receive the most accurate replacement value should you have to file an insurance claim for a lost piece of jewelry.

It saddens me to hear stories from clients who have had to produce money out of pocket to replace a piece of jewelry when their appraisal was over ten years old. Often times with old appraisals the insurance companies will provide a much lower replacement price than what is actually required based on modern prices.

Appraisals are useful for everyone. At Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler these are just a few of the specific instances where we can provide an appraisal for a customer. 

  • Updates to be provided to an insurance company on an existing jewelry item.
  • Updated appraisal for more accurate jewelry value information in case of a loss
  • Appraisal values for estate purposes
  • Appraisals for newly acquired jewelry pieces for both personal and insurance reasons
  • Appraisal to define the value of costume vs genuine jewelry items
  • Appraisal to determine value of inherited estate jewelry for insurance or sale purposes

In our Overland Park jewelry studio we combine our extensive experience and knowledge of the jewelry profession with use of state of the art equipment to accurately assess your jewelry. 
Once an appraisal is completed, I will provide you with a photograph of each jewelry item accompanied by a detailed description. The photograph and description are provided on a single, dated document that you can submit to your insurance provider. I can even send you an electronic copy of the document for your records or the insurance company. I would love to help you keep your valuables safeguarded against any future losses.