Jewelry Fashion Trends For 2017

People are never satisfied with the fashion status quo. We are always looking for new trends and ideas to add flare to our wardrobe. 

Various fashion magazines and online media blogs have compiled lists of jewelry and fashion trends for 2017. Following jewelry trends is fun and keeps you up to date. I can help you find or create that perfect piece to fit your personality and style.


One of the first trends predicted for 2017 is the gain in popularity of pearls. Expect to see more than just the traditional strands of pearls. Pearls are incredibly adaptable and can be worn with a business or work outfit as well as on special occasions.

Pearls are so unique because they are the only precious gem created by living creatures and don’t require any additional faceting or polishing to reveal their beauty. Pearls come in a wonderful and plentiful variety of colors and shapes. We carry an array of pearls, from freshwater to cultured, Tahitian and Akoya. Pearls are at timeless gift that can be worn as a wonderful fashion statement for a lifetime.

Here are some images of pearls I would love to show you in our Overland Park jewelry studio.


Geometric Jewelry

Jewelry featuring geometric shapes and sharp angles will be popular in 2017. Think of prominent square, rectangle and triangle features in rings, pendants and earrings. We have a wonderful collection of pendants and rings that boast the beautiful influence of geometrical shapes. 

Statement Necklaces

Looking at the fashion trends from major jewelry designers, we noticed that nothing is too big. Watching well dressed TV personalities, I have noticed that larges necklaces are definitely popular. I think the look is fabulous and complements so many outfits.

Color Gemstones

The Pantone Color Institute has named the color of the year "Greenery" for 2017. This is a zesty yellow-green hue that can be highlighted in many gemstones. With Spring upon us, beautiful gemstones with green colors remind us of nature's beauty.


We would be honored to work with you to create a custom piece of jewelry expressing the jewelry trend that you like the most. A ladies jewelry wardrobe is never complete and always changing. You can bring us images and designs that we can use as inspiration to create a one of a kind custom piece of jewelry. Creating custom jewelry is our passion. Marsha our master jeweler and I can work with you to refine your ideas and even sketches and ultimately create an exquisite piece of jewelry just for you. 

Stop in to Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler for the custom project to define your jewelry personality.