Thanks To Our Wonderful Clients

2016 has come and gone. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank our wonderful friends for their patronage and trust.

I feel that buying jewelry is much different than purchasing other items. Jewelry is different because it is a 'blind' item, as my dad used to call it. Other items such as books, televisions, and microwaves are all the same; when purchasing you are just comparing price and service the retail store may give you. Jewelry is totally different. Each stone, metal, and individual craftsmanship are very different. Stones can vary in quality from being pristine and beautiful to common and low quality. I am sorry to say that many firms misrepresent or don't talk about quality as they should. This is why the industry has adopted grading solutions from organizations like the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) to give the consumer a standardized system to evaluate what they are buying. Many stores advertise heavily on the airwaves and individuals who don't know much about jewelry gravitate towards these stores. Many of these brick and mortar stores distribute jewelry strictly for profit oriented purposes without much thought about the quality or longevity of the piece. 

This is where a private jeweler comes into the picture. Each sale is done with a true professional, me. I love what I do and try to put that enthusiasm into every sale. I see every piece of jewelry as a piece of art. I teach clients about the 4Cs when they purchase a diamond, about the quality of hinging in a bracelet and how long it may last, and teach clients how to use the clasp on their necklace so it won't fall off. These are things that I think are basic when you are making an expensive purchase that should last for years. I have found sometimes people don't like to hear my opinion because they want something that is cute and 'minimal'. Minimal meaning very little metal and a lot of diamonds. We try to teach clients that it is the metal that holds the diamonds into the jewelry and without it there is a high chance of loosing the diamonds. Many stores don't tell people about things like this because it may dilute their volume of sales.  We feel that the way a piece of jewelry is constructed, the amount of prongs holding a diamond in place, and the quality of the metal are all vital.

We use our experience to try to eliminate the problems that can be caused by minimizing the metal or stone quality in a piece of jewelry. Marsha and I are very good listeners and try to match the perfect piece of jewelry to each of our client's personality and budget. We don't try to oversell you and feel that a budget is very important with any jewelry purchase.  

In order to sell fine jewelry, a vital part of our business is our state of the art jewelry studio. With this shop and the skills of a master jeweler, if a problem does occur, or a piece of jewelry gets worn out, we can do a quality jewelry repair to get it back into first rate condition. I could speak on this subject all day long as I see many jewelry repairs that we have to fix because another jeweler didn't know what they were doing. Fine jewelry repair is a true art and is something we take great pride in. 

Thank you!

Thank you!

Again, going back to what I said in the beginning of this blog, I am lucky to have the best clients in the world. The trust my clients have in me for such an important personal purchase is something I take very personally. We will continue to do our very best to give you the very best service and quality merchandise in 2017.