Keeping Up To Date To Serve You Better

We just finished a total upgrade in both software and hardware to better serve our clients.

I was reluctant to start a major update of our office equipment because I remembered how hard it is to coordinate the hardware and software upgrades from when we first moved into our current office seven years ago. My son Joseph kept telling me in order to work with our graphics and pictures, maintain our website, and upgrade printers, it would be best if we looked into new computers and internet providers. Again I was reluctant because as everybody knows, one thing leads to another. In order to update the internet I had to contact the alarm company to coordinate the installation with them so we would have uninterrupted alarm service. The same went with the phone lines as they are also tied to our alarm. In order to update the computers, my main software supplier would have to do a major update to the software that keeps track of our inventory, client information, and sales history. In order to continue doing our book keeping I would definitely have to update my version of QuickBooks and Microsoft Office. This led to a need to also update our Adobe picture files which we use daily for appraisals, our website and blogs.

One of the major items that needed to be updated was our printer. We had an old HP that came with me from the old store and had been a reliable friend and worker. One day the printer just went poof and died, which led to us buying a brand new color laser jet printer which we use for so many things in the office such as invoices, envelopes, appraisals, etc. For six weeks this new printer was my adversary and enemy. This printer had a mind of its own and didn't want to work with any of the applications that we used in the past. But amazingly it would print flawlessly from my iPhone. Anyway the list goes on and on. I actually thought the process would never end.


Six weeks later I am happy to be working with fully updated hardware and software in my office. The printer is actually working flawlessly. The internet is so much faster, my new computers are better than expected, and I actually love my new keyboards. All these facts will contribute to better customer service. As a personal jeweler it is my responsibility to constantly improve to give my clients the best service possible. All of these technology updates seemed to be a burden when my son first suggested them. But as the updates are actually working I can see my efficiency improving which in turn will give our clients a better experience. This will also allow us to do rapid updates to our website when telling you about our new jewelry creations and diamonds that we have added to our collection. 

Stop in to Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler so you can experience our modern new technology. But please if I can't print your invoice or job ticket while you wait, remember I am still learning the new processes.