We Buy Gold - Sell Your Unwanted Jewelry for Holiday Cash

As the calendar shows, the holiday season is quickly approaching and having some extra cash never hurts.

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At Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler we buy gold for fair and competitive prices in the Kansas City area. If you have unwanted jewelry sitting around in your drawers it is the perfect time to turn your treasures into cash.

Gold used in the making of jewelry is combined with an alloy metal during fabrication to improve metal strength and also make gold more affordable. The metals used as alloys include copper, silver, or nickel. Here is a chart showing the percent of pure gold after metal alloys are added.

  • 100% pure gold  = 24 karat
  • 91.7 % pure gold =  22 karat
  • 75.0 % pure gold =  18 karat
  • 58.5 % pure gold=  14 karat
  • 41.6 % pure gold =  10 karat

When you bring your gold jewelry in to Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler, the price we offer is calculated based upon the pure gold content. We don't pay for the amount of alloy present in any jewelry items you wish to sell. For example, if your jewelry item is 10 karat gold, we pay you for the 41.6% of pure gold; the 59.4% of alloy is melted away at the refinery. We also pay a fee to the refiner that we sell our scrap gold to, and this is all considered when we are buying metal.

In our professional jewelry studio setting in Overland Park Kansas we will evaluate your precious metal. We are professionals, analyzing your metal to be able to give you a maximum dollar. With the holidays fast approaching, finding a few extra dollars is always a good thing. Check your drawers, safe deposit box and jewelry box for unwanted jewelry. 

Stop in to Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler in Overland Park Kansas and we will give you a professional experience selling your valuables.