Pendants - The Perfect Gift for the Holidays

Our selection has never been better of fabulous artful pendants made right in our shop in Overland Park Kansas.

We have been accumulating gemstones and setting them in pendants over the last eight years making our pendant selection with glorious gemstones fantastic. Pendants make a fabulous gift as it will complement any outfit. The style of most pendants can go with casual attire or a more formal outfit. Pendants of course come set in all different color of metals including platinum, white and yellow gold, rose gold, and sterling silver. Pendants are a timeless gift as they hardly take any wear even if worn on a daily basis. There is very little maintenance involved in caring for a pendant. Pendant selections can start from a simple solitaire to a more ornate and large piece of art. It is a lot of fun to pick out a pendant and then for future occasions look at matching earrings and ring.

Pendants come in an infinite number of styles. Within the simple solitaire style there are numerous mountings, from the simple four prong to beautiful single stone filigree mountings. We also love to create the three stone pendant, representing the past, the present, and the future. We can always create a custom piece of art using the gemstone of your choice. Gemstones can come in every shape and color to match the creativity of the project. There are also numerous styles of bales, which is the part that goes around the chain and can enhance the pendants appearance. From an integrate bale to a rabbit ear bale to a single bale, all of these applications will complement the overall style of the pendant.

Here is a selection of the fabulous pendants we have in stock and have custom made in the past.

With all our pendants I can also provide the correct style and length of chain to complement the necklace. Another benefit of buying a pendant for a holiday gift, is that you don't have to worry if it will fit. 

A pendant is a flawless gift for the holidays. It is something that can be worn daily and goes with all outfits. Stop in now to Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler while our selection is great to pick out the perfect gift that makes you a hero.