An Amazing Ruby Project

A wonderful returning client wanted a special ruby ring for their anniversary.

My client bought a beautiful ruby pendant from me in the past after searching for a beautiful special ruby for his wife. This year he came back wanting to have a very special ring custom crafted for their anniversary. We started talking about the project early in the year. I first started searching for an amazing ruby by contacting my color stone suppliers. I put together a beautiful selection of rubies in different sizes and shapes. My client decided that an oval ruby would  be the desired shape for the center stone. We picked a beautiful pigeon blood red ruby that is one of the finest I have ever sold. 

Oval pigeon blood red ruby

Oval pigeon blood red ruby

After selecting the perfect oval ruby, we started on the ring design. My client had found a picture of a ring that he thought would work as the start of the ring design. My client met with Marsha to discuss design details. We began with a CAD/CAM design so we could adapt the ring for the oval ruby center stone. We also changed the structure and underbezel to be more sturdy for long term wear. All of bezel set side diamond sizes were adapted to complement the center stone.

After approval of the design we sent the file to be cast in platinum. It was a very intricate wax and was exceptionally hard to get a perfect casting. We used the best platinum caster in the country. They did an exceptional job getting this ring to cast properly. The casting was finally accomplished and we started on the cleanup and diamond setting. The diamonds used were the very best small stones that I could obtain, all being ideal cut and top color and clarity. This unique design mixed a retro antique look with modern day style. The wire and filigree work on the sides of the shank along with the engraving, gives the ring a true vintage look. The bezel set diamonds gave the ring a more modern motif. Having the diamonds bezel set is a very secure way for excellent long term wearability.

After setting the diamonds, Marsha did an exceptional job of putting a beautiful finish on this ring. This ring turned out to be a true piece of art. 

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