2 Weeks Until Christams - A Vintage Christmas with Vintage Jewelery

For a truly one of a kind gift a piece of vintage or estate jewelry will create a memorable moment this holiday season.

Jewelry is always a last minute holiday gift item. With two weeks until Christmas you are getting down to the wire to find the perfect gift for your loved one. Our selection is still excellent with many unique vintage jewelry pieces. All of these pieces are one and only items and will create a holiday jewelry moment that will last forever for your loved one or friend.

Throughout the years we have been very lucky to purchase jewelry from many quality estates. I love to think of the history and stories that estate jewelry carries with it. You can create your own history by purchasing a beautiful piece of vintage estate jewelry as a gift for this holiday season. Whether it be an awe inspiring ring, miraculous bracelet or a stunning brooch we have a wonderful selection for you to pick from. Many of the vintage pieces we buy from estates are refurbished for everyday wear in our jewelry shop. Whether it be replacing a platinum underbezel on a ring or minute filigree patterns on a bracelet, Marsha can do wonders at jewelry restoration. With our laser welder and our state of the art equipment in our shop, it allows us to do things that many stores cannot attempt. 

Many of the vintage jewelry pieces never cease to amaze me because of the artisan craftsmanship. Many of the things we do today with the technology of a laser welder, jewelers from the past could do with a crude torch and their bare hands. Looking at some of these pieces of jewelry, Marsha and I are amazed because in days past jewelers were certainly able to spend more time and we wish we could see the techniques they used to create these marvelous jewelry pieces. True vintage jewelry never goes out of style and is at a peak of popularity at this time. There are many antique inspired designs that are also marvelous and will become your own family heirloom. Here is a broad assortment of some of the pieces we have available in our jewelry studio.

Make your holiday shopping easy, stay away from the crowds and enjoy our personal service to make your experience wonderful. We offer free easy access parking and gift wrapping.

Stop in to Richard Dolgin Private Jewelers in Overland Park Kansas so we can show you our vintage jewelry selection.