8 Days Until Christmas - Unique Coin Jewelry Makes a Stunning Gift

I have always had a fascination with ancient coins. Many years ago we started accumulating beautiful ancient Roman and Greek coins to make beautiful and men's and ladies jewelry.

Finding authentic coins can be very difficult and time consuming. As I learned years ago there are many fraudulent coins that are in circulation that are passed off by dealers as being authentic. I have found the only way to authenticate coins is to send them to an organization called Numismatic Guarantee Corporation. All the coins that I sell have been sent to NGC to verify. They do extreme testing on the coins which absolutely guarantees their validity. Each of the coins is returned in an NGC holder. NGC provides the most advanced holders in the industry, preserving and protecting the coins they have graded. The problem is that when we make jewelry the coins have to be removed from these wonderful holders. We do give the holders to our clients who purchase our coin jewelry. 

Coin jewelry is a lot of fun to design. Marsha does intricate designs that many times match the motif of the coin. We make many different items from these coins. To find a really cool jewelry gift for a man can be challenging. Coins can be made into intriguing gents jewelry. Be it a ring, bracelet or pendant. Ladies jewelry adapts very well to coins again making rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets. Here are some images of coin jewelry we have custom crafted in the past.

Since I have developed great sources for authentic coins I can find a very unusual coin of your choice and be sure that it is authentic for your custom coin jewelry project.

Add some jewelry with history to your loved ones jewelry collection this holiday season. Stop in to Richard Dolgin Private Jeweler in Overland Park Kansas to see our historic coins and coin jewelry.

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